New York State Student Loan - A STUDENT LOAN RIPOFF!

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I borrowed a small student loan 23 years ago for a privately funded school.I borrowed $2500 to go there.

I was laid off from my job and taking day classes. I asked the admin folks if I could change my classes to night when my job calls me back to work. They said yes. In a month or two, I was called back to work but the school changed their answer and said I couldn't change my classes.

I had no choice but to withdraw due to non cooperation on their part. I was still being held responsible for the loan and hadn't even been able finish. A couple months later the school was shut down due to some financial aid mishandling. So I was still paying the loan, then over time fell on hard times in which the loan originators took income tax refunds, refinanced the loan a few times and somehow my $2500 loan went to $10,000.

So with wage garnishments because they insist on 15% of my income every pay, now taking over $400 a month from my $1400 monthly take home pay, and i have to kill myself in overtime to cover that and my $300 a month health insurance, I am nearly in the same level as a welfare recipient while woring for a really large bank. I know there has to be some restriction laws or statute of limitation or something that caps interest or time to collect. I mean 23 years is a long time and so far I have paid over $6000 for $2500 loan!

Can anybody offer some info on this?

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